Bina Patel, Ph.D.
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Meet Bina

Dr. Bina Patel graduated from Nova Southeastern University in 2014 with a Doctorate in Conflict Resolution and Peacekeeping Analysis with a focus on Islamic fundamentalism, Islamic warfare, global conflict, and suicide terrorism. Her dissertation was a qualitative study that evaluated the causes and electoral successes of female Islamic fundamentalists and suicide bombers.

Today, Dr. Patel consults in conflict management to organizations, businesses, schools, and local communities on topics ranging from female suicide terrorism to bullying in the workplace, at home, and in schools.

Dr. Patel graduated with a Master’s in International Business Administration from Nova Southeastern University in 2007. In 2004, she earned a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Spanish Literature & Linguistics from the University of Florida.

Dr. Patel has published extensively in journals, articles, and books. 

Principles of Practice

Bina Consulting addresses conflict management through customized training in areas of conflict coaching, mediation, in-person climate assessments, intercultural dialogue and compassionate communication methods. We offer customized programs and techniques to individuals, communities, businesses, and groups seeking to improve culture, develop and sustain long-term relationships, and incorporate conflict management skills as a habit.

Our objectives include:

•  Promoting long-term results based on customized, innovative programs, specific to each individual, group, and community.

•  Bridging and building long-term relationships through conflict management.

•  Making a positive and meaningful impact in the life of each individual that we touch.

•  Adhering to the ethical principles of peace-building and conflict prevention.

•  Designing and executing customized solutions for all clients globally.

•  Promoting anti-bullying and emotional abuse awareness to global communities.

•  Representing your voice by standing up to human rights violations globally.

•  Journaling to understand emotional intra-personal, hidden issues to transform conflict at the inter-personal levels, building and sustaining long-term relationships.

Conflict Management Training: Conflict is inevitable in any organization, group, family, or at the individual level. We provide comprehensive culture trainings that address the eight steps to managing conflict habitually. Our trainings are implemented independently to senior leadership/Senior Executive Service, chiefs/managers/midlevel managers, and staff. Specifically, our conflict management training addresses the importance of roles and positions in all organizations, communities, groups, and families.  To effectively implement change-management, we specialize to teach personnel in any community or organization how to manage-up.

Mediation Training: Conflict is inescapable and if not managed effectively, it can result in long-term consequences. This training prepares participants with the appropriate skills and tools to better manage by acting as a neutral, third-party mediator in order to help manage other people’s conflicts. Customized role-plays and exercises that reflect the role of a mediator are presented as part of this training.

Assertive Communication Training: Assertive communication provides an effective method to get to the root of the conflict. By examining the unmet needs and emotions behind what we do or say, we have merged emotional intelligence with conflict management techniques that have proven to reduce hostility and strengthen and rebuild long-term relationships. Perceptions lead to misperceptions, which results in conflict. To ensure that we combat the root of the conflict that causes anger, anxiety and unnecessary stress, we teach and implement assertive communication with emotional intelligence to establish a culture of engagement and open communication.

Journaling: Understanding our emotions is the first step in accepting conflict. With our specialized journaling technique, we encourage our clients to resolve conflict at the personal level by understanding their own emotions, the emotions of their disputants. Our customized journaling technique transforms negative emotions to positive emotions by addressing the hidden issues. Thereafter, disputants are able to reach consensus. 

Bina Consulting provides cultural assessments, an innovative approach that includes quantitative measurements in the form of surveys, and in-person interviews that capture qualitative data; ensuring clients are able to effectively measure the level of conflict within their organizations. With our team, we provide comprehensive implementation plans and programs to rapidly improve the environment and culture.

Additional services provided by Bina Consulting, include conflict coaching, family mediation, workplace mediation, Ombudsmanship services, negotiation, and arbitration.



Our primary goal at Bina Consulting is to empower our visitors to build long term healthy relationships with others and oneself, by applying the tools that we teach on conflict management skills combined with emotional intelligence. Our services include:

Conflict Coaching




Workplace Conflict

Emotional Intelligence

Organizational Dynamics

Organizational climate assessments (in person)


Executive Leadership Coaching


We believe that each visitor should have active access to our practice to complete forms, schedule appointments, correspond with our team, and learn more about conflict management to help you embrace conflict as it occurs, and when it occurs.