Bullying & Conflict Management

At Bina Consulting, it is our mission to help you mitigate the conflict, but it is up to you to want to resolve it. This is conflict resolution. 

Our emotions can get the best of us. When we become blindsided by our emotions, we become defensive, angry, resentful, and sometimes hateful to all those involved. At Bina Consulting, we know that emotions sit at the surface, above our hidden issues. What is really going underneath our pain, hurt, and anger is fear, which encompasses our the truth of the issues. Emotions therefore can impact our ability to communicate effectively and think rationally. 

Emotional intelligence can help with recognizing ourselves when in an emotional state. Whether the state of the emotion is happy, sad, or angry, being cognizant of our reactions to the emotions that we feel can help us regulate our emotions. Self awareness and self recognition can be help us see for ourselves specifically, why the issue is bothering us so much, so that there is conflict.

At Bina Consulting, we incorporate emotional intelligence as a component of conflict management that empowers our clients to build long term healthy relationships.